Aerial photos with drones

Spiaggia Pinarella Cervia

High emotional value and high quality are the ingredients of a major impact and original product as aerial photos.

A fresh look, a creative idea can become something extraordinary if you add a point of view never imagined before.

The remote controlled drones are precious for this innovative perspective and thanks the experience of our staff it is possible to create impressive photographic services.

Thanks to the latest technology and advanced knowledge of photographic techniques and aerial shots you can get professional photos for any type of industry. On a 10-minute photo flight it’s possible to take up to 200 shots, from any angle and at any height, over the crowd, beach, water and even indoors.

Use a drone for the execution of aerial photographs has several advantages compared to the use of a helicopter or a small plane: requires less time, is more flexible and versatile, has no impact on the environment and allows a cut more creative.
For this we are able to offer a cheaper and totally eco-friendly service!

Hotel and tourism, events, sports competitions, journalism and television, environmental professionals and technical surveys: the application fields of aerial photographs are endless.

Wherever arrive your ideas, can also get our drones!

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